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Pick A Bagel (Vesey St) Reviews on Grubhub


Top Reviewer
This place has become my favorite breakfast spot. The corn muffins are warm, moist and delicious. The bagel and egg sandwiches are just as good.

Whenever I go in and get something, the servers and cashiers are always pleasant and friendly.


2 reviews
One bagel with strawbeery cream cheese and one with cream cheese with scallions plus 3 bowls of chicken noodles soup....All food was Wonderful.....especially on a cold, rainy winter night. Definitely would order again!


Top Reviewer
I've been four months since we moved to NYC and we still order from here every Saturday! We love it! Can't go wrong with their vegetable cream cheese bagels. I'm also a big fan of their tofu cream cheese.


1 review
I work right across the street at b8ta in Brookfield place food is always amazing here whether I order on Grubhub or go in person the experience is always great. used to be my morning ritual on ritual lol


1 review
Order was ready as promised and the food was prepared and packaged as asked. The bagels are great here and a good value for the price

Reviews from Seamless.com

Pick A Bagel (Vesey St) Reviews on Seamless


2 reviews
Pick A Bagel has been one of the best delivery service experiences for FAST Enterprises LLC (NYC Project Site located downtown)! Not only is the order correct every single time, it is on time, and the delivery guys are incredibly helpful and nice! Absolutely LOVE this place! If you're ordering breakfast/brunch for your company in downtown Manhattan...Pick A Bagel is your place (Avoid places like Leos Bagels and Zuckers)! The bagels are fresh, the egg & cheese sandwiches are warm, and the fruit is yummy.

Thank you so much for your amazing service!


4 reviews
Every time we have a birthday in the office, I'm in charge of the bagels. Why? Because if it wasn't for me, we'd be stuck with the over-rated Leo's. These bagels are the best, and I get to strut around like a big shot when people ooh and aaah over them. My one slight complaint is their salt-bagel is a bit too salty. Ok, its REALLY salty. You can't see the bagel in the sea of white. But all it takes is a few scrapes of the knife to make it the best salt bagel ever.


Top Reviewer
Awesome service when it comes to delivery and food is great. I know you guys are a bagel place, but it would be nice to get regular sliced bread or whole wheat, sliced bread instead of only having the option of a roll or croissant outside of having a bagel using Seamless. But top notch place nonetheless.


Top Reviewer
I really liked this place - way too much cream cheese, but that's standard for me, since everyplace does that - and I'd eat here again. Great sourdough bagel, soft and delish, and with sundried tomato cream cheese is just awesomeness


2 reviews
I've always had a fine experience with Pick-a-Bagel. It's cheap, and the food certainly reflects that, but the quality is never low enough to make me unhappy. You get what you pay for, what more can you ask?

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